Duel Fuel Systems

 A dual-fuel heat pump is an electric heat pump and a gas, oil or propane furnace combined together in one system. In the Pacific NW, where annual temperatures average in the 50s, a duel fuel system is absolutely the most efficient way to heat your home. When temperatures drop below 35 degrees the heat pump automatically switches to a gas, oil or propane furnace for better efficiency and comfort. By combining the two, you can have the benefits of both systems.

Because there are advantages and disadvantages (depending on the outdoor temperature) to running just a heat pump or a furnace by itself, the dual-fuel solution gives you the best of both worlds. It's the most comfortable heating system at any outdoor temperature, as well as one of the most efficient, versatile, and economical heating-and-cooling systems you can purchase.

With local utility and manufacturer rebates, now is an incredible time to put cash back in your pocket by upgrading your current heating system to a high efficiency duel fuel system. Call or email us for a free in-home consultation and start saving money on your home heating and cooling costs today!

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